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Shivika Rodrigo

Painting and drawing has been the center of my life... I would always define my emotions through my artworks.

I'm a writer and poet as well, how knows the artist vision of words that seem to express the world as I see it.

So please do take the time to visit my website

For commercial aspects, please do contact me if you want a logo, business letter, envelopes to be designed.
You can reach me by [email protected] / [email protected]

  • Natureset-1
    Naturborste Set 1
  • Christmaswall_preview
    Jul jubel tapet texturer
  • Naturepreview
    Naturuppsättning 1 Ikonstruktur
  • Texturebrushes-set2
    Texturborstar Set 2
  • Texturebrushes
    Texturborstar Set 1
  • Grassbrushes_preview
  • 20_watercolor_mask_brushes_vol.9_preview
    20 Akvarellmask PS Penslar abr.Vol.9
  • Watercolor_prev8
    Gratis vattenfärg Photoshop borstar 8
  • Wet_ink_prev
    Gratis våtbläck Photoshop borstar
  • Ink_shapes_prev
    Gratis bläck former Photoshop borstar
  • Splash_prev
    Gratis Splash Photoshop Borstar
  • Grungy-textured-seamless-brushes
    Texturerad Grungy Borstar
  • Sp-watercolour-brushes
    SP akvarellborstar
  • Horse_preview_small
  • Frame_brushes_3_preview
    Dekorativa ramborstar
  • Swirl_frames_preview
    Dekorativa virvlarbensborstar
  • Hairbrushth
    Fantasy Hårborstar
  • Pv
    Dancing Lights Texturer
  • S_copy
    Blixttexturer 1
  • Fortune_thumbmail
    Fortune borstar
  • Ink-brush-pack
    Bläck Swirls Brush Pack
  • Free-floral-vector-brush-pack-s
    Gratis Floral Brush Pack
  • Paintbrushes1
    Färgborstar # 1
  • Lovedoodles3
    Kärlek Doodles Borstar 3
  • Fan_brush_thumbnail
  • Christmas-brush-doodles
    Julborste Doodles
  • Mb-artisticset-iii_th2
  • 8sunbrushes_pic
    8 solborstar
  • Ghoul_preview
    Ghoul / Halloween skissborstar
  • Halloween
    Halloween skissborstar
  • _
  • Brushes-thumbnail-aaa
    Utmärkt utsmyckade gränser
  • Furmainimage_sampler
    Furborstar - Prov
  • Halloween_custom_shapes_
    Halloween former
  • 30_medieval_brush_set_ii
    Medeltida borste set II
  • 003-watercolors
  • 001--colored_pencils
    Färgpennbensin Set
  • Untitled-1
    Oscar pilch photoshop action 1
  • Water_color_thumbu
    Mjuk akvarellborstar
  • Retouching_brushes
    Hair Retouching Borstar för Photoshop
  • Thumbnail
    Anigraphuse Naturborste Målsättning
  • Tech300
  • 300x220
    15 Realistiska himmelgradienter
  • Crack2-brushes-by-hawksmont
    Sprickborstar ii
  • 300x220
    Akvarell Splatters
  • Dry_paint_brushes
    WG Torrfärgstryk
  • 300x220
    Potpourri Photoshop Borstar
  • 300x220
    Torkade blodsplatter
  • Christmas-pattern
  • 9-webtreatsetc-retro-grunge-wallpaper-patterns
    Grungy retro tapeter mönster
  • 300x220
    Glansigt blod splatter
  • Watercolour-brushes-thumb
    Gratis Hi-Res vattenfärg Photoshop borstar
  • Stormy_seas_ii_by_midnightstouch
    Stormiga hav
  • __i_n_k___s_p_l_a_t___s_e_t___by_for_certain
    Bläck Splatter
  • Beyond_the_mist_by_midnightstouch
    Utanför dimma
  • Moon_brushes_for_ps7_v_2_by_keepwaiting
    Moon, Stars, Sky Dust och More
  • Brush_set_63___retro_ornaments_by_punksafetypin
    Retro Ornament
  • Brusheezy_preview_300x220
  • Strokes_and_splatter_brush_set_by_flightofgrey
    Slag och splatters
  • Fallleaves_banner
    Höga reella lövborstar
  • Dabrush
    Rök effekt
  • Sui_generis3x2
    Sui Generis Borstar v.1
  • Plasma-brushes-darkdesign
    Plasma borstar
  • Treespromotb
    "Träd" Promo Brush Pack
  • Dubtastic-postcardi-preview
    Gammal vykort Brush Set I