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Stephanie Shimerdla

I've been making Photoshop brushes for about 6 years now. At www.obsidiandawn.com, all of our brushes are available for free (with credit given), or you can also choose to purchase a commercial license (and not need to give credit to us at all) for just $3 per set.

You can read more about our commercial licenses here: http://www.obsidiandawn.com/commercial-licenses

  • Snowflake-vectors-brushes
    Snowflake Vector Penslar för Photoshop
  • Animal-tracks-brushes
  • Labels_photoshop_brushes_by
    Etiketter Photoshop Borstar
  • Birds_flying_brushes_by_red
    Bird Photoshop borstar
  • Foliage_sketches_brushes_by
    Löv och lövborstar
  • Leaves_photoshop_brushes_by
    Lämnar Photoshop-borstar
  • Shattered_glass_ps_brushes_
    Krossat glas
  • Swirls___flourishes_ii_brus
    Virvlar och floror
  • Paisley_photoshop_brushes_b
    Paisley pensel
  • Handwriting_photoshop_brush
  • Thumb
    St Patrick's Day Brushes
  • Thumb
    Vector Foliage-Planter Photoshop Borstar
  • Dandelions-brushes
    Maskrosor Photoshop Borstar
  • 1171408888_thumb
    Glitter & Sparkles Borstar
  • 1170266772_thumb
  • 1167973612_thumb
    Doodles & Scribbles
  • 1167973359_thumb
  • 1167372798_thumb
  • 1167372093_thumb
    Ferns Borstar
  • 1167371536_thumb

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